Stars 「スターズ」 - Single

by Prince Pheonix



released September 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Prince Pheonix Runcorn, UK

Began to write music upon turning 12, Starting a debut album Birth Of The Bird near the time my grandma passed on. Consisting of songs based on real life events that happened during early 2008, with later albums, continuing along that theme. I produce songs that are full of emotion, so they end up becoming stories more than songs. ... more

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Track Name: Stars 「スターズ」
I don't get the point, of finding someone
Based on when they were born
But today it's all we think about
When choosing our partners

ナぜわれわれわありません ホしおみましょう ワたしたあちのこころおしはいする。
Naze wareware wa arimasen
Hoshi o mimashou
Watashitachi no kokoro o shihai suru?
(Why do we let stars rule our hearts?)

ドのよにわれわれわできる アいおきたいするわれわれわみつける ホんとのことですか。
Dono yō ni wareware wa dekiru
Ai o kitai suru wareware wa mitsukeru
Hontō no kotodesu ka?
(Why do we expect the love we find to be true?)

ワたしがせんたくしたい カんじにもとずいて ナぇならわたしわあなたおあいしているから。
Watashi ga sentaku shitai
Kanji nimotozuite
Nazenara watashi wa anata o aishiteirukara
(I want to choose based on feeling because I love you)

Our signs are opposites, yet we're so close
Based on traditions, we're breaking rules
But how I feel for you, is not governed by stars
For I can tell you with words

ウらないわなにのいみもない ワたしわあなたといっしょにいるとき ワれわれがきょゆするあいわじゅんすいです。
Uranai wa nani no imi mo nai
Watashi wa anata to issho ni iru toki
Wareware ga kyōyū suru ai wa junsuidesu
(Horoscopes don't mean anything, when I'm with you, the love we share is pure)

モんだいがあるだろうけど ワれわれわそれらおいっしょにたたかう トいつとしてたたかい。
Mondai ga arudaroukedo
Wareware wa sorera o issho ni tatakau
Tōitsu to shite tatakai
(Though there will be problems, we will battle them together, fighting as a unity)